Save on Equipment Financing for Your Ophthalmology Practice

Save on Equipment Financing for Your Ophthalmology Practice

Ophthalmologists across the country are gearing up to attend the ASCRS/ASOA Annual Meeting, May 3-7, 2019, in San Diego, CA. Many of the greatest minds and leaders from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators as well as innovators in the field of ophthalmology will be in attendance.

This highly-anticipated event allows physicians to come together to share ideas about new surgical techniques, tips for outstanding patient care, philosophies for treatment, marketing methods and innovative technologies that can provide improved vision results in less time. Many attendees leave ASCRS with a long Wish List of new equipment they want to add to their practices, but also the lingering question mark of how to make the technologies financially feasible.

Advantage Healthcare Consulting, a division of Advantage Administration, discovered that ophthalmology practices of all sizes and in all geographic locations face this hurdle. Doctors want to provide the very latest and most advanced technologies, but they also have to be conscious of their bottom line. Unfortunately, in order to stay afloat, certain equipment Wish List items must be pushed down the priority list or removed completely.

Until now.

Advantage Healthcare Consulting developed the Administrative Advantage MSO® to tackle this obstacle, among many others. This Management Services Organization gives practices of all sizes, from rural single-doctor practices to large urban practices, the power to make equipment on their Wish List a reality. The MSO is based on group purchasing power: the cost of medical equipment, services or products – the items your practice uses every single day to operate – are offered at significantly reduced prices. This is because the companies that have partnered in the MSO expect to receive an influx of orders through Administrative Advantage MSO®. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

In regard to technology specifically, the leaders of the Administrative Advantage MSO® have conducted extensive research to identify some of the best resources for equipment financing from providers for ophthalmology and optometry equipment. These companies have signed on to be part of the MSO, giving members the opportunity to stay competitive in their markets by offering the most advanced technologies available. Best of all, these practices are helping the people in their communities.

If your practice plans to attend the ASCRS/ASOA Annual Meeting, keep in the back of your mind that the new technologies you see may be affordable to your practice through this MSO. Don’t assume that a new piece of equipment will be unattainable until you explore your options.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Administrative Advantage MSO® allows you to explore your options for equipment financing risk free. If you don’t see the amazing value in the services after 30 days, your membership fee will be refunded.

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