Sales Skills Can Boost Your Practice’s Revenue Stream

Sales Skills Can Boost Your Practice’s Revenue Stream

Effective sales techniques are often a foreign concept to staff members of medical practices. The idea of selling your services may even seem to cheapen the important work you do. However, the reality is that having your staff master these skills is vitally important in the highly competitive medical market – especially within elective surgery practices.

Successful elective surgery practices not only spend a lot of time, energy and money to market their services; they also realize that potential patients schedule consultations to:

  • Get educated on their self-improvement options
  • Try to overcome their hidden obstacles of fear, cost and outcomes
  • Gain reassurancethat they are making the right decision in choosing elective surgery
  • Be sold on the idea that your practice is where they should place their trust and spend their money

During consultations, your staff needs to address all of these points without being prompted. Like it or not, your initial, face-to-face potential patient interactions are truly a sales process.

Advantage Administration, Inc. can provide your staff with medical practice sales training. Our experienced sales trainers teach the successful actions used by elective surgery coordinators to achieve high consult conversion rates. Training includes:

  • Inbound and outbound telephone sales
  • How to handle live consultations
  • How to break through hidden objections
  • Real-life scenarios

These aren’t hard sell/used car salesman techniques; they are subtle changes in how your staff communicates with potential patients to draw them into your practice – not drive them away. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every practice is unique…every practice will have different problem areas that can be identified through observation and improved through training.

The end result of sales training is that more consultations are converted into surgeries (paying patients). Without these important skills, your conversion rates will stay stagnant, drop or be unpredictable.

To learn more about medical office sales training, contact Advantage Administration, Inc. today.