Ophthalmology Consulting for Selecting EPM/EHR Software

Ophthalmology Consulting for Selecting EPM/EHR Software

From vendor selection to practice-wide implementation, incorporating Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software into your ophthalmology practice can be daunting, time-consuming and potentially disastrous for your practice. Whether you need to start a new process from scratch or update an existing process, this is not something that can be handled on the side by staff that only have part-time focus on it. It is imperative that you have a dedicated, full-time project manager to handle the intricacies of coordination between your practice and the software vendors. Not only does this person need to be focused, they also need to be highly experienced in all stages of the process – from strategic planning to needs assessment to vendor selection to full implementation.

The Better Bet: Use an Ophthalmology Consultant for EPM/EHR Adaptation

Hiring an external ophthalmic consultant to handle incorporating ophthalmology EPM/EHR software into your practice is not only smart, it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do. By meeting governmental standards through the use of these systems practice-wide, you will receive the incentive payments you deserve in the timeliest manner possible.

The Right Choice? Advantage Healthcare Consulting

Advantage Healthcare Consulting, a division of Advantage Administration, is a Management Services Organization (MSO) that can provide a comprehensive level of support to ensure that your EPM/EHR software selection and adaptation runs as smoothly as possible. Our ophthalmology consultants can move you through the process from start to finish:

  • Strategic Planning: Our team will assess your current technology and determine what types of EPM/EHR software would improve your operational efficiencies. Great attention is placed on planning for implementation methods that will cause the least amount of disruption in your patient flow, thus keeping your patient satisfaction in check.
  • Needs/Readiness Assessment: A full analysis of your existing clinical and business operations/processes will be performed to ensure that your IT infrastructure and business functions are ready for the changes. This is important because without the proper framework, your patient care may suffer.
  • Vendor Selection: There are a variety of software vendors from which to choose. Based on the research gathered, our experts will be able to assist with third party research to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor and system to help choose the right one for your practice. We will also ensure that we identify the most cost-effective measures for deployment. Your bottom line is important to us.
  • Implementation Support: We have extensive experience in not only implementing these systems as seamlessly as possible but also the technical expertise to troubleshoot effectively and provide insight to analytical problems.
  • Resources: Your practice will never be left in the dark wondering where you are in the implementation process. The full range of support resources we provide will ensure you have constant access to clinical, technical and tactical expertise.

Our team has worked with ophthalmology practices for 28 years. We understand the intricacies of the ophthalmology field (including HIPAA compliance), we understand how patients expect to be treated and we know how to delicately balance the business side of ophthalmology with the compassionate side focused on patient care.

Embrace EPM/EHR Technology Today

The sooner your practice can get the very best and most efficient EPM/EHR software up and running, the smoother your practice will run. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a trained professional or a group of experts on your team when it comes to EPM/EHR software implementation. Partnering with Advantage Healthcare Consulting for ophthalmology consulting could be one of the most financially responsible things your practice can make.

To learn more about our MSO, contact Advantage Healthcare Consulting today.