Finishing Your Clinic Day On Time

Finishing Your Clinic Day On Time

Would you like to see your ophthalmology clinic actually end the day on time?

As an ophthalmology practice provider, your daily schedule includes a combination of medical and business responsibilities – making sure you are using your time in the most productive manner possible and ensuring the practice runs as a successful and profitable business center. Your end-of-day goal is the delivery of excellent quality patient care in the most efficient and professional manner as possible – and, hopefully, to finish the day on time! When was the last time your clinic finished “on time” at the end of the day?

As we all know, ophthalmology practices tend to have more “moving parts” than other medical specialties. Which means that ophthalmology practices have a greater chance of disruptions,distractions and/or bottlenecks in the daily clinical flow of patients through the practice.

The “Ready Time” system was developed by the expert clinical consultants at Advantage Administration, Inc. who continually saw disorganized and chaotic days in the ophthalmology clinical settings that we visited. The system is based on the fact that the most productive ophthalmology practices utilize their clinical staff so that they function at their highest legal level in an efficient and productive manner. The “Ready Time” system is NOT a one-size-fits-all system – we customize the system to your particular practice size depending on the number of providers, type of clinical staff, number of procedures performed, testing protocols and procedures and space utilization. Advantage assists ophthalmology practices with the redesign and reorganization of provider templates, clinical staff assignments and space utilization – all of this results in the improvement of patient flow, decreased patient waiting time and increased customer satisfaction.

There are many factors that can affect the ease and pace of the movement of patients through your clinic on a daily basis – and they will change from day to day. Learn about optimizing your patient flow by requesting our newest E-Book publication from Advantage Administration, Inc. titled: “OPTIMIZING YOUR PATIENT FLOW IN THE CLINIC.”