Best Way to Increase Ophthalmology Profits in 2019

Best Way to Increase Ophthalmology Profits in 2019

Reduce expenses, increase patients and boost profits. These are goals every ophthalmology practice works hard to attain. As you know, the competitive nature of the ophthalmology field can make these goals challenging. Performing outstanding surgical results may not be enough. To truly succeed, your practice needs to think outside the box to attract new patients, keep existing patients happy and reduce operating expenses for ophthalmology.

One of the best ways to increase your ophthalmology profits is by joining a Management Services Organization (MSO)…but not just any MSO. For the very best results, you need to choose an MSO that not only offers savings on the products and services you use every day to run your practice; you also need an MSO that is led by a team of ophthalmology management consultants and implementation experts. You need an MSO with a strong track record of success helping grow ophthalmology practices of all sizes and in all types of communities.

The right choice? The Administrative Advantage MSO™, a division of Advantage Administration, Inc. Over the years, Advantage Administration, Inc. has helped more than 300 ophthalmology practices across the country reduce expenses, increase patients and boost profits. These 300 practices vary greatly: all sizes, academic and private, rural and metropolitan, thriving and struggling.

Invest a Little to Save a Lot

A yearly MSO investment of just $295 will give your ophthalmology practice access to incredible savings on ophthalmology products and services. There are not additional fees to cover your satellite offices and optical shop. Your practice can also add an ambulatory surgery center for an additional $99 per year. Making this small investment now will set your practice up for success in 2019 – and beyond.

Ophthalmology MSO Savings Success Story

“Vision Quest has been a member of The Administrative Advantage MSO™ buying group for one year and we’ve taken advantage of the program for many purchases throughout the practice and ambulatory surgery center. The program has offered significant savings for capital equipment, legal, marketing, IT, health insurance as well as medical, surgical and office supply purchases. The vendors are quality businesses that have superb customer service. We have been very impressed and have just renewed our annual membership. The buying group is a solid investment which produces an extremely high net return on investment for the practice. Additionally, we have taken advantage of the CPS Master Card program, streamlining the accounts payable process for nearly 75% of our vendor payments, yielding a 1.7% rebate back to the practice on all purchases.”

This is just one success story from The Administrative Advantage MSO™. To read reviews of other practices, please click here.

You Don’t Have to Be a Struggling Ophthalmology Practice

As the success story shows, any type of ophthalmology practice can benefit from our MSO. All ophthalmology practices require the same types of support to operate every day. The wise practices will seek out ways to make these more affordable without sacrificing quality. The Administrative Advantage MSO™ has taken the time to identify and partner with over 20 vendors in 10 different product and service categories that offer the highest quality support. Under our MSO umbrella, we give practices access to these outstanding companies with the added benefit of group purchasing discounts on things like:

  • Capital equipment
  • Office, medical and surgical supplies
  • Select ophthalmic drugs
  • Practice management
  • Billing and collections
  • Human resource management
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Credentialing
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Optical management
  • Patient recall
  • EMR
  • Provider recruiting
  • IT support
  • Marketing
  • ASC development and management
  • Surgical instruments
  • Audio/Visual
  • Professional support services

Click on each link below to see our specific vendor partners in each category.

Start the New Year with a Free Evaluation

Advantage Healthcare Consulting, a division of Advantage Administration, Inc. is so confident that practices will see the value in our MSO that we offer a 30-day no risk evaluation. Click here to start your practice on the path of growth and success in 2019 – possibly without adding surgery workload to your days.

To learn more about how our MSO can save your ophthalmology practice money and improve your revenue, contact Advantage Healthcare Consulting, a division of Advantage Administration, Inc. today.