Why Your Practice Should Use

Why Your Practice Should Use

Wednesday, January 8, 10:00am PT with Joe Carroll, President and CEO

Revolutionize patient satisfaction surveys and help reduce negative online reviews:

✔︎ Survey done onsite before patient leaves your practice. 4-5 survey questions are answered on an iPad at checkout– only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. Gives you immediate patient feedback about their visit!

✔︎ Reduces the risk of negative online reviews.  Allows you to immediately communicate face-to-face with the patient about any complaints.

✔︎Understand your patients. You do not always know what your patients are thinking about their visit. But you can.

✔︎Analyze your patient satisfaction in seconds. Complete, instantaneous HIPAA compliant summary through a back-end report.

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The founder and President & CEO of Advantage Administration, Inc, Mr. Carroll has been working in the healthcare field for over 39 years. During that time, he has held a wide variety of clinical and healthcare managerial positions. He has been a guest speaker at national meetings and published articles on strategic planning, customer service, financial, managerial and human resource management topics that are relevant to operating a successful physician practice in today’s ever changing economic environment.