Thomas T. Henderson, MD

Thomas T. Henderson, MD

Dear Joe,

Thank you again for your recent practice review. My staff all enjoyed the time you spent with them in your employee interviews. I enjoyed that they enjoyed you. The time you spent with us was invaluable to learn what we were doing well, which was most things, and what we needed improvement on, which were some very important things. The personal report and its detail were beyond anything I have ever experienced from any other management consultant, including the most recent two, who shall remain un-named to protect their national reputations.

The review was highly organized and comprehensive in nature with highlights of the good and some suggestions for how to become even better in each of those areas, and concentration on the areas for improvement with detailed suggestions for needed changes to bring those areas in line with expectations. The advice was solid, clear cut, and well defined so as to promote easy action in a prioritized manner. I was very glad to find out that in many areas we were well above average, and in most areas we needed more tweaks than overhauls. I appreciated your including my newly hired practice administrator so that she could see what she was really getting into. I know that you have made her adjustment to entering this new position much easier.

Finally, I appreciate that you came in under time and under budget while simultaneously managing to way, way over deliver. The only time you have helped me more was 13 years ago when, with your expertise applied directly over a 1 year period, you helped me save my practice from an almost certain death. I remain forever grateful.


Thomas T. Henderson, MD CEO Eye Clinic of Austin

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