Lin Brister, M.D.

Lin Brister, M.D.

Dear Joe,

This is a belated thank you for all Advantage Administration has done for our practice over the past three years. When I met you in Chicago at the Academy, in 2005 I believe, I was impressed with your down to earth approach and positive attitude that our practice could be helped. Anyway, your comments then were an encouragement to me.

When we got started with Becky and the crew initially, the road ahead seemed quite a challenge, more than I had anticipated. To sit back and be “forced” to take an objective look at something as “personal” as a practice is not always an easy thing. I recall all the items that were proposed on the initial “work sheet” and remember thinking that each would be an effort in and of itself, wondering if such “little items” could result in the needed turn around for our struggling practice.

After a good start with Becky we learned she was leaving Advantage and we began working with Steve Robinson. The need to change “mid-stream” was not to our particular liking at the time but, in retrospect, I feel it was God’s timing for us.

Steve served us very well the past couple of years and has been a great facilitator in many ways. However, it’s Steve’s drive and attention to detail that has made such a difference in the financial health of Eye Care for Tulsa. He personally spent time musing over the books, eventually discovering that they simply didn’t make good sense. We then got in touch with a new CPA and over the period of about six months, we began to see some sort of logic to the situation. That has continued with a major paradigm shift over the past year.

Steve Robinson facilitated our hiring of our present administrator, [ ], and I cannot say how grateful I am for all the footwork he did in that hiring process. We are very pleased with [the new administrator] and her addition to the practice was critical and timely. I would have never done the type of interviewing that Steve did with each of our applicants in that process and the eventual outcome was well worth the time and effort.

We still call Steve occasionally and he quickly gives input or seeks answers to our questions if he doesn’t have one for us.

Bottom line, thanks for all Advantage Administration has done for Eye Care for Tulsa and specifically thanks to Steve Robinson for making it enjoyable and productive.


Lin Brister, MD
Eye Care of Tulsa