John K. Duemmel, MBA, MHA and James Vander, MD

John K. Duemmel, MBA, MHA and James Vander, MD

Dear Joe,

It is a pleasure to offer this letter of recommendation for the excellent consulting services we have received at Mid Atlantic Retina in 2006 and in 2012 from Advantage Administration, Inc.

Byrd Evans has been a key factor in several areas of our revenue management department. She has been instrumental in the following areas by:

1. Re-structuring our billing department to increase our overall efficiency by identifying and removing barriers in our processes;
2. Eliminating redundancy in our billing process that has increased the daily productivity and effectiveness of our staff;
3. Providing education and training to our billing and front desk staff as well as to our physicians;
4. Increasing our monthly receipt collection multi-fold which has greatly enhanced our ROl for this project; and
5. Collaboratively working with our senior leadership team and Board of Directors in a cohesive professional manner.

Advantage Administration has been a significant business partner with our practice. We have found your services to be outstanding and cost effective. We would highly recommend your organization.

Thank you again Joe for the opportunity to work with your team. I would be pleased to discuss our success with any potential clients.


John K. Duemmel, MBA, MHA
Chief Executive Officer
Mid Atlantic Retina

James Vander, MD
President of the Board
Mid Atlantic Retina