David M. Misch, MD, MBA

David M. Misch, MD, MBA

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to recommend Byrd Evans [Advantage Administration, Inc.] as a practice consultant. She is a remarkable lady who achieves remarkable results.

We hired Ms. Evans [Advantage Administration] to evaluate our back office operations and make recommendations for improving efficiency, expediting claims, and modernizing our methods.

As a result of her direct involvement in the implementation of those recommendations, our back office processes have changed dramatically. Many of the activities which previously were performed manually and over the phone are now being performed electronically. Byrd was able to educate our staff on how to use features already present in our electronic health record and already available to us through our Medicare clearinghouse to dramatically improve the way we obtain pre-authorizations, post charges from distant satellite offices, and monitor the status of claims. She has eliminated wasteful duplication of documentation, saving both personnel and supply costs. She has streamlined every aspect of the collection process, from front desk payments to bank deposits. She has implemented good accounting principles to ensure tax compliance and reduce the risk of employee theft.

Implementing such widespread changes in entrenched operations can be expected to generate considerable resistance from personnel. It is a testament to Byrd’s skill that she has been able to reorganize and re-educate our staff, shift responsibilities, and change established procedures while generating overwhelmingly positive feedback from all our employees. That is the mark of a true professional.

The numbers speak for themselves. In just four short weeks, we have seen a substantial jump in our productivity, and I have no doubt that the profitability of our practice will increase substantially as a result of Byrd’s efforts. I only wish I could hire her permanently as our full time practice administrator.

Byrd Evans has earned my strongest recommendation. Hire her. You will not regret it. Just prepare to be impressed!

David M. Misch, MD, MBA
President – CEO
Vitreous and Retina Consultants, PA