Catherine S. Kowalewski, MBA

Catherine S. Kowalewski, MBA

I was fortunate to work with Ms. Joya Martin, COA in her capacity as consultant with Advantage Administration, Inc. in the spring and summer of 2007. Ms. Martin was assigned to the Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins as a consultant, working first in the General Eye Service (the resident’s hospital clinic) followed by the Glaucoma Service.

Ms. Martin’s clinical and administrative expertise in ophthalmology was evident and her ability to implement immediate solutions to improve operations was instrumental to critical changes in the General Eye Service. With her exceptional relational style, she was able to motivate staff, mentor the manager and work with the manager to create an environment conducive to change. Her work led to very important and lasting changes.

In the Glaucoma Service, Ms. Martin faced many challenges with the administrative and medical leadership who were resistant to change. She demonstrated an innate ability to work effectively with these issues to assist the service with assessing needed changes. Ms. Martin became an invaluable resource to the manager in glaucoma, offering support key to the manager’s change in approach and style with Wilmer administration.

Ms. Martin’s work at the Wilmer Eye Institute was instrumental to making important changes. Her insights and feedback highlighted important areas of opportunity for teamwork and professional development with both managers and their services. She was able to partner with and influence faculty in both the glaucoma and general eye services when necessary and demonstrated consistent performance in the execution of her recommendations. She was also very cognizant of the need to maintain open lines of communication with key Wilmer leadership to support recommended changes. Based on my work with Ms. Martin, I would highly recommend her and the services of Advantage Administration.


Catherine S. Kowalewski, MBA
Assistant Administrator
Clinical Operations